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The Millennial Merger How to Sell, Manage, Empathize, and Communicate in a Multi-Generational Workforce


Learn How Digital Natives Listen, Think, and Act in the 21st Century.

Our social, political, religious, and corporate constructs are rapidly changing. The status quo from 50 years ago is irrelevant today. We live in a new age, where our thoughts are shared instantly, and our processes are streamlined with digital solutions.

The generations entering the workforce today are much better equipped to thrive in the 21st century, while the older generations are trying to play catch up.

While millennials may have the upper hand digitally, they are not (by any means) the all superior generation. Their pitfalls are discussed throughout the book in order to help others truly absorb their philosophical perspective.

This book will allow people of all ages to understand how the thought process of the new generation has evolved over the years. With insight into how young professionals think, we can make decisions that will positively impact our world for decades to come.

This book dives DEEP into all areas of the millennial ideology. By understanding the new generation, we can see the social, economic, and philosophical shifts that are happing right before our eyes.

The Problem in Business? Communication Has Changed

Success for organizations is no longer about transparent communication. What happened to the good ole' days when authenticity used to be rewarded? In the digital age, authenticity has been thrown out the door in favor of 'optics'.

Because of this, all corporate stakeholders are left playing guessing games:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Investors

Most of them aren't getting the straightforward truth. They are trying to read between the lines, and understand what's really going on.

When the business becomes about optics, strategy and execution becomes less straightforward. Without a clearly communicated path toward an outcome, a business is left creating a facade to appease stakeholders.

We got into business to solve a problem and make a positive impact on peoples lives. This task is nearly impossible without clear and concise communication.


What We Do


Understand the standard operating procedures and finances that create the companies foundation.


Create compelling narratives, processes and communication standards that impact the bottom line.


Develop customized training, coaching, workbooks, and other corporate development materials.

How We Do It

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Before any advisory work is done, a thorough discovery process must be completed. We will dive into:

  • How the corporation communicates.
  • How the sales process is being executed.
  • How the financial statements are impacting the company and its stakeholders.

This will help us determine where the bottlenecks are in the supply chain. Once we can identify the resource restraints, we can determine how to optimize the financial model.

We will start with a questionnaire that focuses on two groups of people:

  • Top performers
  • management

Once we understand the vision of these two stakeholders, we can go through a behavior mapping process where we work to understand the vision and processes that can be disseminated across the organization.

Who We Have Done it For

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Why Us

The founder of The Theory of Success (Jesse Henry) first presented the concept on March 20th, 2015 during his TEDx Talk in Tallahassee Florida.

Since then, Jesse has been refining the ideological framework that he uses while working with corporations.

Over the years, Jesse has worked closely with Tony Robbins, Oren Klaff, and dozens of others who have equipped him with a corporate toolbelt for problem-solving. This has allowed Jesse to work with companies throughout the corporate lifecycle: from startups to Fortune 500's.

The tool belt of different frameworks has allowed Jesse to build investable companies alongside founders and investors. By leveraging M&A advisory, corporate training, and investment vehicles, Jesse can develop financing and revenue opportunities on a corporate balance sheet that were previously unseen. Financial, social, and process engineering is what creates a holistic perspective in our advisory, consulting, training, and coaching engagements.

For more information on our founder, Jesse Henry, please check out his personal site at or find him on linkedin HERE.

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What We're Currently Focused On

Over the past year, the team has been working to spin up one of its projects, Heartland Industries. Heartland is building an industrial hemp supply chain to help manufacturers build stronger, lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable products. For generations, the world has known that hemp as a powerful tool that could change manufacturing. But unfortunately, in America, no company has built a reliable supply chain. This has kept industrial hemp stuck in R&D labs across the world. My team and I have been laser-focused on working with leaders across manufacturing to build the products of the future. Click below to find out more about what my team has been working on.

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!

If we can't help you, we'll point you in the right direction.

Some of the Content We've Published

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The Millennial Merger

How to Sell, Manage, Empathize, and Communicate in a Multi-Generational Workforce

This book dives into the dynamics affecting the 21st-century workplace. Find the book HERE on Amazon. Or, if you're hesitant, download the first 3 chapters HERE and get a sneak peek. 😉

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